Raven loves to travel and is a very polite and sensitive model. She prefers classy, elegant events and parties, is well educated and her favorite designers are Chanel, Hermes, Prada, La-Perla and much more ...Most types fast slow mostly anything as long it has a beat for the occasion.

If you would like to relax with Odona is the best luxury lady for you. You will be truly amazed.

looking for someone who can love me...


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Aalborg / Denmark
Hair color:
Eye Color:
136 cm / 4'6''
71 kg / 157 lbs
Meeting with:
My Goal:
Want for a man
Favourite Lingerie:
Favourite Perfumes:
E. Coudray
smokingkush, music, parkourHang out




"Secret rendezvous"
100 Euro
"Get to know me"
200 Euro
"Let me seduce you"
300 Euro
"How about dinner"
460 Euro
"Getting more Pleasure"
570 Euro

Travel expenses included in the price within Denmark!


Escort Odona Reviews

Seraphs: 13.06.2019 in 03:43

Hi, my name's Tess. I grew up mostly in Minneapolis but moved back to North Dakota with my family. I'm not not that good at describing myself, so if you're curious, don't hesitate to ask. I'm a huge.

Interfered: 08.06.2019 in 20:43

When I was 27, I had a HUGE gigantic crush on a 20 year old. In retrospect, I don't know what I saw in him. Yes, he was adorable, but so young looking. However, we got along like two peas in a pod. Just had chemistry. Funny enough, he's now dating a 32-year-old!

Morgan: 06.06.2019 in 17:24

leela practice

Dextran: 09.06.2019 in 12:29

who broke her heart?

Subways: 06.06.2019 in 20:25

i always give the real me i will always be honest i don't ask for nothing much but just loyalty so if u want to talk just text m.

Pehong: 12.06.2019 in 03:37

Even with the skinniness of the photo I have to hit the keep button. She is gorgeous.

Deliquescence: 06.06.2019 in 03:15

I don't believe that she's been abducted or anything BUT why would she not return my messages ? I can understand wanting to get away from thinking about things but - what kind of a sign is this for things to come in our relationship ?

Glowing: 06.06.2019 in 18:25 from Denmark

Don't reach out to him again at all. I know it will be hard, but you need to sit back and observe. It's not uncommon for a guy to pull back a little after intimacy for a couple of days at least. We see it here on these boards often. And, given that his father is ill, his focus may be directed there.

Bayards: 05.06.2019 in 08:07

"Why is this happening? It is not one variable, but the most complex equation I have ever tried to solve. We seem to work out on paper just fine. Analyze our relationship in a number of ways and it seems it can work out in the end. But it just doesn't feel right. And these things you're supposed to feel in your heart. I know we derive different emotions from our relationship and I wish that it were different and our [COLOR=blue][COLOR=blue ! important][FONT=Arial][COLOR=blue ! important][FONT=Arial]love[/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/COLOR] could supplement to a long and healthy relationship."

Waveforms: 10.06.2019 in 13:28 from Aalborg

I agree whole heartedly with stargazer. I wouldn't hold this guy back from doing what he wants to do, but the way he's gone about both trips is utterly selfish and reprehensible. I would not consider a future with this guy because he has his own interests at heart. The fact that he keeps turning it around on you speaks of how base he is. Only a manipulative liar dicks you around and then makes it your fault.

Extensive: 07.06.2019 in 06:25 from Aalborg

Love the shortness of her dress

Lucina: 10.06.2019 in 22:26

Lucky, some posters just need to be put on ignore.

Codi: 06.06.2019 in 07:55

Wow. This is her fourth HP. Is that a record?

Classes: 08.06.2019 in 20:55 from Denmark

martin_west: Your doop #92781 is in the Common Doops List #26 linked to the right. Another upload from this list and you'll be banned from uploading. The list changes over time, so check it before uploading each time.

Paprica: 09.06.2019 in 15:37

sailor I love this pic and have it a a fav I do know that they erased some of the older ones.

Sammy: 05.06.2019 in 14:14

what i believe and sometimes happens in my relationship is giving each other attention every once and a while, like one month we wouldnt be so close to each other or wouldnt talk that much on the phone etc... the next month we would be communicating alot more, seeing each other more, trying to romanticize which is little but some talk is there.

Naem: 07.06.2019 in 04:46 from Svendborg

I'm seeking a soul mate, if there is such a thing. What I have to offer: honesty, trustworthiness, kindness, caring, and a good sense of humor. I am also a good listener, and enjoy good conversation..

Hawthorne: 06.06.2019 in 07:52

-She said she wants to get together, and that she is having some "relationship issues" she wants to talk about



Odona is available also for Dinner Date, Aalborg Whirlpool or American. For more information, please ask Odona by sending a private message.


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